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Our First Lady Taught Tokyo A Fashion Lesson: Her Royal Red Dress Amazed All The Present!

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abet hosted a state banquet at the Akasaka palace just to celebrate President Trump first official visit to Japan.

Our President attended the banquet accompanied by his wife Melania and the 29 years old White House communications director Hope Hicks. Many regarded this wonderful event that Trump attended as one that will provide our country with a lot of benefits.

But there was something more that everyone found themselves amazed of- Our first lady Melania class and elegance. She justified once again her sophisticated style. Hicks, on the other side, surprised everyone with her formal outfit.

Melania is regarded as the most beautiful First Lady, Amerca has ever had. I mean, look at her, beside having and wearing clothes that are dream of every women, she accompanies our President on every important event, she is a caring mother, intelligent, and smart woman with an absolutely brilliant behavior.

Both, First Lady Melania and Hope Hicks, are accompanying our President in his first epic trip to Asian continent. The trip is scheduled to last 13 days with several major stops such as: South Korea, China, Vietnam, and Philippines.

A little sneak peak into the banquet: First Lady Melania wore a bright red, floor-length gown with short sleeve. Her diamond earrings were gorgeous, and so was her makeup.

Hicks wore a black tuxedo, a white, button-up shirt, and a black bowtie.

Both women were presented as rivals as soon as they stepped in, and each of them walked with grace and classiness.



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