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Terrifying: Texas Church Shooting Left A Family Without Eight Of Its Members!

Texas Church Shooting in Sunday in which 26 people were killed, left one family without eight of its members including four children and a pregnant woman.

According to a Breitbart Texas report, Eight members of the Holcombe family were killed while attending a service in the First Baptist Church on Sunday, when a man identified as Devin Patrick Kelly entered the church and killed 26 people. Kelly who shot himself short after the incident, is believed to commit this horrific crime due to a domestic dispute.

A relative of the family told KSAT that John Holcombe was in the church Sunday morning with his four months-pregnant wife, Chrystal, and her four children, parents, plus brother and sister-in-law. Three of the children, 13-year-old Greg Hill, 11 year-old Emily Hill, and eight-year old Megan Hill, were slain inside the church with their mother. Medics rushed six-year-old Evelyn Hill to University Hospital where she remains in stable condition.

John Holcombe left the hospital on Sunday night after sustaining injuries from shrapnel. Unluckily, his parents Bryan and Karla were both killed in the church massacre together with his brother Marc 36, and his one year old daughter Noah.

Family friend Christopher Foster created a GoFund Me account in honor of Holcombe’s sister Sarah Holcombe Slavin who is also alive.

The GoFund account states:

We are putting this together in honor of Sarah Holcombe Slavin, who has lost half of her family. Her father was the guest speaker at church that day; she was running late. She has lost her father, mother, sister-in-law (who was pregnant), five nieces and nephews, and her best friend since childhood, Tara. This means her brother John has lost his mom, dad, wife, and three kids (with two more injured) in one day.

Another brother has lost two children as well. Keep them all in your prayers. If we could all gather up some financial support to send this family during this devastation, it would be a blessing. This is too much to bear on their own, let’s be the Church!

“It’s going to take a lot of funds to cover eight funerals, lost wages, perhaps child/adult counseling, and who knows what else,” said Foster on Facebook, according to the Austin

American-Statesman. “No matter what number the Go Fund Me reaches, it will never be enough. But everything helps.”

So far, nearly 1,000 people have joined forces to raise almost $60,000 of the $100,000 goal.



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