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After Reporter Attacks Sarah’s Appearance, Sean Spicer Resurfaces to Save the Day

On Tuesday, former press secretary Sean Spicer appeared on Fox & Friends for a brief guest interview. During the program, the hosts ask Spicer about his reaction to the recent Los Angeles Times article by David Horsey where Horsey offensively attacks Sarah Sander’s physical appearance.

While Horsey’s article received pushback from Republicans, it has generated little reaction from the Democrats who seem to have simply pushed the matter under the rug and moved on.

“I think Sarah does a phenomenal job. She is a great person. And it’s interesting to me that so many of the media love to take pot shots when they think things are out of bounds and inappropriate, and yet the deafening silence from so many of these same individuals who are so concerned when attacks get lobbed from members of the Republican party.”

This is the hypocrisy of the left. They can fire shots all day, but when someone on the right steps in to fight back, the liberals deem it inappropriate. Spicer continues to say that it is infuriating that a liberal reporter can get away with this just because he is on the left.

“When it’s another member of the establishment media, a quote, ‘Pulitzer-prize winning, well-established journalist,’ [who] makes disgusting kind of comments about somebody’s appearance, there is a deafening silence from some of the network anchors so easily appalled at some of the other comments,” Spicer told the Fox & Friends hosts.

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