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North Carolina REQUIRED Drug Test For All Welfare Applicants-Results Are FAR WORSE Than Anyone Expected

A small part of Americans is sharing the same opinion that the government must take care of the Welfare’s finances even if they are purposely unresponsive.

Yet in one county that growing culture still hasn’t reached the lawmakers. In North Carolina, every welfare applicant must do a drug screening test, in order to be a candidate for benefits.

The results were eye-opening, with approximately ¼ of all applicants tested positive for the use of drugs, or more precisely 21 out of 89 individuals tested positively for drugs and will no longer benefit.

In addition, those who test positive are required to pay back the state the $ 55 dollar test fee, which actually acts a deterrent for those who use drugs, in that over 70 applicants who were scheduled to take a drug test, never bothered to show up.

Going to a drug screening test is starting part of a program designed to help low-income families access to paid jobs called “The Works First” program.

Do you think North Carolina should be an example for every other state to start doing this drug tests, in order to earn government benefits?

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